Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Learning as I go - Introduction

As you might have noticed, cardmaker I am not! I am a wanna-be who likes to draw, use pretty paper and the computer.
Back in May last year, I made a "pledge" to make a card a day. It didn't last long, but I got bitten by the bug, and that lead me to start drawing again. And colouring again. Starting today I am going to start to share what I have learned so far, links to useful sites, some card/stamp/blog that I found in my surfing time. And, being a digi/hybrid girl, some tips on how to use digital stamp, papers and the likes will come to.

Today I am going to show my colouring kit.

1. Letraset Promakers.  There are people that love Copics and there are people that love Promakers. They are alcohool based so they don't smudge when colouring a inkjet printed image (*) and there are excelent quality. I choose Promarkers because they are considerable cheaper than Copics.

(*) it depends on the printer/ink. You might still run into problems depending on your printer, but I think most of people don't have any problems with Promarkers or Copics.


2. Watercolour pens. Because I had then anyway. I use whenever I want a little bit of texture instead of the even wash that a marker does. Don't brush with water unless you are well away from the printed outline of the digital stamp.

3. Black pens, various thickness. Great to add extra detail.

4. White gel pen. For highlights.

5. Diamond Stickles. For a little bit of sparkle.

6. Chalk inks. I don't stamp much, but I always use them to colour the edges of paper.

7. The basic/can't do without them: my computer and my printer. I don't have photos of them, my laptop is like the ones below, with a purple cover. I'm so delighted with it, it was my Christmas present for my husband *love it*. My husband too. Ehehe.


  1. love your digi stamps :) also a fan of promarkers, would love to see some tips on how to use them....Im still in te experimental stage with them lol :)

  2. Just because I love using my water-based media (and don't have any Copics/ProMarkers) - if you spray your printed image with aerosol fixative, it's then quite possible when it's dry to use watercolours, watercolour pencils. My guess - it's too far back to remember - is that that's what I did with your snowflake girl :D.

  3. Oohhh your items you work with are my favs too.

    Can not live without my lappy which turns one in May (I got it from my Hubby for my 30th birthday).

    I am slightly jelous of your larger than mine promarker collection. :0

  4. Brilliant thanks for the tips,
    My 'aim' last year was to 'start a blog'
    My 'aim' this year is to start drawing again and do my own digi's


  5. Thank you! This blog post will be advertised on CraftCrave in the Printables category today (look for timestamp: [16 Feb 01:00pm GMT]).

  6. ooh thanks Sabrina - I have 4 cans of aerosol fixer for ceramics, will try it....



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