Monday, July 18, 2011

Learning as I go: Part 5 - Flower Makeover

There's tons of paper flower making tutorials in the web and here is my own twist.

I am taking the lazy approach and making flowers out of existing ones! If you are cardmaking or scrapbooking as long as I am, you must have gone through a Prima daisies shopping frenzy. Do you remember the pretty flowers that came in pretty glass jars? Like these ones?

I used plenty of them, but still have lots left and hardly use them anymore because while I still love them, they look a bit... let's say... out of fashion. So I decide to try a flower makeover and here are some of my results:

To make the pink chrysanthemum, I used 2 dark daisies, 3 pink ones and a smaller yellow one.

I glued one dark one on top of the other one.
Then I folded the pink ones in the middle, back to back. I put a dot of glue so that they'd stay that way.

Then folded them again, and glued.

Now put glue in the center of the dark one.

Now cover the dark daisies with the folded pink ones:

Now scrunch the yellow daisy like this. Back to back, so that the petal tips go inwards.

Glue it in the middle and you get this.

For the other two flowers I used a different shape and coloured them with Promakers. I didn't record all the steps but it follows the same idea of the first tutorial.

For the yellow flower, I coloured the centres with a darker shade.

And got this:

The blue one has a fuller centre; I used two yellow daisies.

Here's a second tutorial,  very similar to the previous one. This time I wanted to make a rose.

The steps:

The "ingredients":

Pop a bit of wet glue on the back of two of dark flowers:


A bit of glue on a third flower.

Place one of the folded ones over it.

Then the other one, on the other half.
Put a bit of glue on the back of the petals of the remaining two.

Scrunch the small one up, petals against petals.

Wrap the other one around the first one.

Glue it in the center of the other ones and you're done!

If you get to make a flower using the tutorial let me know, I'll love to see your creations!


  1. Oh my goodness i have a ton of these flowers thanks so much for sharing this tute i am going to be doing these no danger x

  2. Oh wow this is a fab tutorial - will definitely be trying these. TFS
    Denise xx

  3. I expect I will try this :D, I'm on a mission to use up some of my Primas. I still have three of the original glass jars on my shelf, although two are nearly empty.

  4. Brilliant idea Elisa & the flowers look amazing!!!

  5. Wow, I just love the yellow flower. I will have to find my primas and use them up!

  6. Elisa - this is such a brilliant idea - will have to try mine out. i agree with them looking a tad outdated and flat.

  7. I'm gonna make me some pretty flowers now!! Thanks Elisa!!

  8. Wow these look amazing, what a fantastic idea. I got like those flowers, will have to try them now. Thanks xx



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