Friday, June 18, 2010

Learning as I go: Part 1, the blunders

Months ago I promised to share what I have learned about cardmaking and colouring.

I confess that making the images is taking longer that I had envisaged so I haven't been making many cards. Consequently my colouring still leaves a LOT to be desired. I am impacient, I go over the line, I am heavy handed with the Promarker and end up soaking the paper, which causes the paint to bleed. Need I say more?

So I am learning how to cover up the mistakes.

Here's my essential toolkit:
* White Gel Pen
* Back Pen
* Promarker Blender
* Pacience :-)

And here's my example:

Not too bad, you say? That's because you didn't look close enough.

OK, this might upset some cardmakers, so if are you soo susceptible to bad colouring, please look away...

Here's some of the mistakes and how I dealt (or not) with it.

1 - Blotches (tool used: Pacience).I coloured the face, using two shades for tan/brown colour, it turned out horrible, blotch, like the girl had a skin disease. I waited for the ink to dry completely and then recoloured again. The blotches are still visible, but the image is usable now.

2. Bleeding and mistakes (tool used: blender). Of course, some papers are not suitable for colouring with promakers, but  this one is OK, it is just that I was too impacient and coloured the second time before the first wash is dry and end up soaking the paper which caused bleeding.
In most places I have just left as it is - I am short on pacience. But look in the face, right hand side. I waited until the paper was dry and gently dabbed the blender until it almost disappeared. The blender "bleaches" the colour until it mostly disapears. But be careful as if you do too much, you might erase the bits inside the line too.

3. Bleeding (tool used: gel pen). The little glint in the right eye became brown - I repainted it white with the White Gel Pen.

4.Bad choices (tool used: pens). I coloured a bit of the collar in pink and then I didn't like it at all, so I covered with it white gel pen. And then added little black dots around the collar, so that the fix didn't look that obvious.

The black gen pen is an essencial for me, as I can add more detail if I whish.

5. Bad Stamping: I can't stamp well, that's what got me into digital stamps :-)


  1. Elisa, thanks for the step by step... fun to see what others do with little mishaps!! LOL!!! Great to see I'm not the only one!!!

  2. Thanks for hte step by Step...and your coloring looks not BAD at all it is lovely the turned out....I am not the only one doing BAD by using stamp :) I love digi Images :))



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