Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Learning as I go 1: Resizing images

Images in JPEG, PNG and GIF can be resized before printing. Some of the most used ones include Photoshop Elements, Word, GIMP and Paint Shop Pro.

Here I'll show you the steps to resize and print with Microsoft Paint. I have Windows 7 - let me know if it works differently in earlier operating systems.

1 Open the image with Microsoft Paint.(Left click on the image and select "Open with... -> Paint" or find Paint in the Accessories folder.)

3. Select page setup

4. Select scaling, then the scale size. 
5. Print

That's it, I hope it helps. Please notice that, by default, Paint adjusts the size of the image to fit the paper, so if you skip step 3 the image will be bigger that you expect.

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