Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Gallery

Sometimes I spot a card with a Mami Doodles images while I am blog hopping or looking at forum post. Sometimes someone  kindly emails me photos of their cards. Sometimes there's a submission for the challenge using of one of my images. I love it happens, it makes me so happy.

If you are like me, looking at inspiring work fuels my wish to create. So, every second Friday, that is, the Fridays between challenge posts, I'll have some cards for you. Between one to five, some found from my web surfing, some might be ones  emailed to me, some could be even (gasp!) mine. And if you are kind enough to link a card to in this post, I'll make sure that at least one will be featured in my next gallery post.

This card is by Maureen Shannon, which I first saw in the Cara Craft Supplies forum. It is for her daughter's Home Economics teacher. I love that the card is perfectly suited for the teacher, look at the cute kitchen utensils.

This one is by Heather, look at the texture of this card, fabulous!

Jackie Schachter's baby card is all blue, green and yellows. Adorable!

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my card! I just love this image!



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