Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I have something to tell you...

Check my website www.mamidoodles.com!

All my products are there, and it is now much easier to look at them than the blog. If you purchase through the website you will get a download link straight away. I am beta testing this feature, so you might have some teething problem but overall it seems to work fine. If you have any problems, give me a shout and I'll email you the images as I have been doing up to now.

Purchases from the blog will continue as they are for the moment, but eventually I'll change the blog to have only announcements and challenges.

Please notice that I have discontinued the inclusion of PDF files. Give me a shout if you need them.

This is "Easter Egg Factory", free with any purchase until Easter, either here or in the website. Please add the image to the cart if you purchase from the website.
I'd love some feedback, please let me know what you think!



1 comment:

  1. Just checked out the new site!! I love it and I am so happy for you Elisa!!



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